The Ferndale Police Department is dedicated to the safety and protection of the citizens and businesses within our boundaries. We are committed to the task of keeping our courts and correctional system secure and our service is built upon integrity, respect, vision, and leadership.
It is our goal to always be open and transparent with the public. This newly created community dashboard will assist us in that continued effort. The data provided in the below charts have been obtained from a variety of internal software programs used by the Ferndale Police Department.

Ferndale Police Department Annual Report(s)

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Crash Definition

Traffic safety in our City is an ongoing collaboration between our Police department and the Ferndale community to ensure those who travel within our city limits do so safely, whether by foot, bicycle, or vehicle.

While navigating the data you may question why so much of the data is “unknown”. The Ferndale Police Department responds to many “Hit and Run” traffic crashes and we are unable to provide driver details for those traffic crashes.

Dennis M. Emmi
Chief of Police

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