The Ferndale Police Department is dedicated to the safety and protection of the citizens and businesses within our boundaries. We are committed to the task of keeping our courts and correctional system secure and our service is built upon integrity, respect, vision, and leadership.
It is our goal to always be open and transparent with the public. This newly created community dashboard will assist us in that continued effort. The data provided in the below charts have been obtained from a variety of internal software programs used by the Ferndale Police Department.

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Response to Resistance Definition

The Ferndale Police Department Response to Resistance policy states that officers utilize the amount of force that is objectively reasonable considering the totality of circumstances that are confronted in order to affect an arrest/or accomplish the lawful performance of duty while protecting the public. Officers must perform their duties professionally, with respect for others, and in a manner that endeavors to protect and preserve life.

The Ferndale Police Department policy includes not only when force was used, but also when force was shown. A show of force is defined as a gesture with a lethal and/or less-lethal weapon directed at a person as a means to coerce or gain compliance. A use of force is defined as the attempt to establish control through physical means in the presence of resistance given the totality of the circumstances. The Ferndale Police Department conducts an internal review on all response to resistance that includes actions leading to an officer’s response, and what type of response was used. The following counts of subject’s actions and types of responses used do not represent individual incidents, but instead all actions and responses deployed for all incidents in which force was used.

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