Take the guesswork out of understanding the activity of the communities you lead and serve by seeing into their behaviors. Discover unique insights by seeing and tracking key trends over time.

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Analyze the needs of the communities you lead and serve by visualizing data trends. Uncover action points by gaining insight into the behavior patterns of communities that your department supports.

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Gain tailored insights into the motivations and challenges facing your communities so you can act with appropriate resources that resonate and programs designed to build community trust.

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Identify community needs and opportunities

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Industry Leading Features

Enjoy A 360 Degree View Of Every Officer Encounter With Arx

Why Do I Need ARX

Arx is the only software designed to proactively give you the power needed to see, analyze and act on the communities you lead and serve.

Who Else Has ARX

The top law enforcement departments across the country leverage the power of Arx each and every day. Please contact our team for a department near you.

Why Use ARX

Arx delivers on the promise of helping police departments create safer communities by uncovering relevant, accurate, and timely information needed to help law enforcement leaders manage their personnel and improve community trust.

Cost of ARX

Contact our team at Arx today to find a pricing plan that is perfectly aligned to the needs of the community you lead and the community you serve.

Arx Index

The Only Industry Community Index Available


Through Community Voice and data, Arx helps you measure empirical and data-driven equity scores.


Through Community Voice, Arx helps you measure the trust your community has in you.


Through Community Voice and data integrated from your systems, we help you measure empirical and data-driven safety scores.


Through data integrated from your systems and Arx, we help you increase compliance and accountability.

Arx software platform empowers you to See, Analyze and Act on the critical information impacting the communities your department lead and serves.

Arx is the leading management & community awareness platform. Developed to help you see, analyze and act on critical activity and community challenges that impact your department.

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Equity 85%
Trust 60%
Safety 42%
Accountability 97%