Arx Community Transparency

The Community Transparency Dashboard connects the activity data of your department and showcases it to your community in a clear and concise way that provides the transparency the community you serve desires while helping you see the critical areas needed to engage.

  • Real time information updated daily.

  • Empowers you to manage your department and community on a single platform.

  • Protects the department.
  • Access to key department documents in one place.
  • Create community transparency.

Arx Community Voice

Community Voice allows your community to anonymously ask, answer and search for questions to see how you are meeting their expectations.

  • Connect with your community members like never before.

  • Learn how your community thinks about the services you offer and political issues impacting your force.

  • See the voice and opinions of your community in real time, analyze what is being said, and act with confidence to meet their needs.

Arx Community Action

Data comes from multiple sources and in varied formats, our open data platform is flexible, robust, and able to host data on a variety of topics your community cares about and wants to take action on.

  • Your geospatial data can support maps that share information on capital projects, and schools.

  • Public safety data can show the locations of crimes as well as the use of force, and traffic fatalities.

  • Modern communication tools for first responders to help enhance community relationships

  • Providing information about education, the environment, healthcare, parks, transportation, justice, housing, and permitting are just a few other examples of how governments have used the open data platform to share data with the public

Arx Community Analytics

Make smarter decisions by turning data into insights. With Arx Community Analytics, get a real-time picture of your force at a glance. Dig deeper with detailed reports that anyone, anywhere can create and access. Arx Alert is designed to help you see, analyze and act on critical data to prevent agency problems before they happen.

  • One law enforcement platform for your all your management needs.

  • Configure and customize functionality to make it work the way you want.

  • Centralized view of department-wide data on one platform.

  • Connect siloed data with plug-and-play integrations of your existing systems.

Arx Community software platform empowers you to See, Analyze and Act on the critical information impacting the communities your department serves.

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