Arx Community

Arx Community puts your open data on a path to be clearly seen, analyzed and acted upon. Fully integrated, your data moves to the cloud where it can be accessed by citizens, businesses,, and community organizations to better understand your programs and build partnerships for a stronger community. Applications Include:

  • Arx Community Transparency

  • Arx Community Voice

  • Arx Community Action

  • Arx Community Analytics

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Arx Alert

Arx Alert is a full-featured software that’s been designed from the ground-up to meet the needs of internal affairs and professional standards units all fully integrated and designed to help you see, analyze and act on the critical data impacting the team you lead. Applications include

  • Arx Alert Awareness

  • Arx Alert Forms

  • Arx Alert Case Management

  • Arx Alert Analytics

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Arx software platform empowers you to See, Analyze and Act on the critical information impacting the communities your department serves.

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